Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: The Gateway

Here is another sketch for a larger piece.  I had a vision of a large arched gate that a dark river ran beneath.  My initial thought was of the Moon card from the Tarot, but upon time and reflection, I think this may be an incarnation of the river Styx and the entrance to the Underworld / Realm of Hades.  Considering the time frame during which this sketch was created and Pluto's inevitable ingress into Capricorn (my sign), Styx seems very likely.  Also, the two guardians are very much like grim reapers.  Of course, both visions can be true.  Intriguing.

I imagined everything in this image as bone white washed in the brackish run off from the rain that always falls in this dread place.  This was during the same time that I was having interesting ideas for the re-imagining of haunted houses.  A similar 'room' featured with the guardian statues being replaced by actors in gruesome costumes like the guardians here.  Lots of ideas and never enough time to manifest them.


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