Wednesday, May 09, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: The Immensity

A sketch for a larger piece.  This image had been haunting me for awhile, waiting to be addressed. My original thought for this was as a large painting.  I forget where the idea came from, but I want to layer transparent black to develop a subliminal visual space within the piece.  In the meantime, a footnote here to keep the idea burning.  These kinds of ideas never go away, but they do change form.

Other pieces have addressed this idea, but with a different take.  I think there are a couple more sketches of ideas in this area that I have yet to post.  Since I have regular access to a scanner again, I've recently renewed my review of my notebooks, so I'll get to those images soon.
Recommended Listening:
Dead Can Dance
from Within the Realm of a Dying Sun


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