Friday, August 31, 2012

Disturbance at the Gate

Things never stay dead.

Just when you think you've buried all the corpses of your issues and marked all the tombstones, you turn to find gnarled decaying fingers breaking the soil.  Sometimes it feels like it would just be easier to let the bastards eat me instead of fighting them back into the dirt again and again.  After rebirth fifteen I really stop seeing the point.

If the universe wants your issues to rise up again and again and never be resolved, whats the point of fighting?  Of living?  How do you fight against an immeasurable foe with unlimited resources?  You cut off the evil head and the damned thing just grows back and brings its twin and their brothers and sisters and all their young'uns.  If there's no end, no winning, then there is no point, no reason.

I think these dire moments scare me more than any monster, any issue.  In the face of such hopelessness, I begin to see the value of villainy.  Therein lies the true danger.

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from Alien 3

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