Wednesday, October 03, 2012

From the Archives: Expulsion

This piece is only a quick sketch of a much deeper thought.  I am fascinated by the act of expulsion in association with high intensity states of being: Illness, Rage, Grief, Love, Lust, Birth, Death.  All these states of being inevitably lead to the body expelling something from some orifice.  I suspect that in my future there is a piece involving vomiting or some other form of expulsion.

I suppose expulsion is part of what attracts me to the zombie as symbol.  Zombies have no body control and expel just by continuing to exist.  Lost to reason, lost to hope, lost to life, with only bestial hunger to propel them forward: the zombie is the utterly defeated self.  I wonder what it says about our society when in our fictions they always appear in hordes?


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