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Sign THIS PETITION to Save Richard O'Dwyer from Extradition NOW!
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UK Student Richard O'Dwyer is being extradited to the United States to face USA Courts for just LINKING to copyrighted material on his webpage The USA is using an extradition treaty intended to be used for terrorist to bring England Resident Richard O'Dwyer to America to be imprisoned for copyright infringement for what he did on his site in spite of the Fact that he broke no UK / England Laws and has never been to the USA.
The Famed Billionaire Alki David has publicly announced that he will cover ALL of Richard O'Dwyer's Legal Costs in the USA once he is brought here to stand trial.
MPAA Head former US Senator Chris Dodd supports the Imprisonment of World Citizens in the USA for Copyright Infringement and has called Anti SOPA and PIPA pundits "Dangerous".

This Video continues to expose how the Large Media Companies Actually Created the phenomenon of "Online Piracy" to Craft laws to take over the World Wide internet and Media Portals. And How big Media Promoted Sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload

SHARE THIS VIDEO: Why the MEGAUPLOAD seizure is dangerous for EVERYONE!

Please watch this video and take some time to think about the dangers of this government corporate tyranny.  Please note they took this action without SOPA or PIPA.  The fight for our rights has truly begun.  Arm yourself with Information!


PLEASE Sign the Richard O'Dwyer Petition HERE;

See More Evidence of how CNET / CBS caused the Phenomenon of Piracy with the Help of So-Branded Partners such as AOL and the MSN Network

Jammie Rasset Thomas Story on Wikipedia

Richard O'Dwyer Story, Extradition Pact Being MisUsed

For Profit Prisons

New York Times, US Prison Popular Dwarfs the rest of the World's

Article: For Profit Prisons a GREAT Business Opportunity

86 % of US Prison Population is Victimless Crimes

Megauploads Story od Raid and Arrests

130,000 Downloaders Sued for Downloading Just One Movie

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sue Dead Person

Ars Technica Report that 2011 Judge Rules that MASS Lawsuits are Legal and Can Proceed

Article that Downloading can Destroy Your Career Including a Report of NEW Mass Copyright Infringement Filing against Users

Thousands More Bittorrent Users to be sued article

Mass Lawsuits start against Porn Downloaders in 2011

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I tried to black things out on my blog, but I couldn't get the code to work so I am just going to make a regular post.

If you haven't become involved in the protest against SOPA and PIPA I ask that you do so now.  These bills will for all intents and purposes MAIM the internet.  I'm sure that many of the review blogs would be shut down almost immediately due to supposed copyright infringement issues.  Please read some of the information on SOPA and PIPA and I'm sure you will see the direction this will head if it is passed.  Go to the Wikipedia protest page to contact your government representatives and let them know what you think of this attempt at online censorship, please.

Bullet in the Brain Pan

This one is a sister piece to Io Pan.  It was created from the same source material, but with a very, very different outcome. Io Pan seems to be moving towards some greater cohesion whereas this piece is about violent dissolution.

On an unrelated, but related note, I recently watched I saw the Devil for the first time.  The movie is dramatically gory, but as I was discussing with my friend Josh, it is gory with a purpose.  You need to feel knee deep in blood by the end of that movie.  I feel as though that kind of aesthetic applies to my pieces like this.  This piece is difficult for me to look at because it should be.  I feel I need to make a counterpoint here.  The movie Hostel and those of a similar make like the SAW series, are simply torture porn to me.  I Saw the Devil is a story about Revenge and all that it entails.  In Hostel, we are watching torture with no other overtures or elements.  In I saw the Devil the director takes you through the horror of the situation to bring you to an ultimate point of tragedy.

I guess I'm justifying a bit here because I was nervous about this piece from the moment I created it.  I'm not afraid of gore and the visceral reaction it evokes from me, but there is a line.  I do not want my pieces to be gory for the sake of aesthetic violence.  I guess my question becomes then...Where is the line?

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}
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