Friday, June 08, 2012

Body of Light II: The Head of Baphomet

Again I return to the image of Baphomet, the enlightened beast.  This version seems a more earthy rendition and unlike my last, this time we only get the head.  The horns this time are dramatic and thick, much more like the horns of a bull than the traditional goat's horns.  Still, the light shines between them.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: Partial Skull

I'm not sure of the date of creation on this one, but it was mixed in with some material from 2000-2002.  A quick doodle while on break at work I'm sure, considering the time frame.

{Sharpie & Ball point pen}

UPDATE 010413:

This piece was Exhumed and reinvestigated with color in November 2013.  Check out the Exhumed image here.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Body of Light I: Ape of Thoth

I must preface the description of this piece with a note that I did not intend to create a piece about the Ape of Thoth, but upon finishing this piece, I knew that was what I was seeing.  As I researched for more information, it seemed more and more that my initial reaction was appropriate.  I found a really good description of the Ape of Thoth over at Strange Onion Peelings that helped me confirm.  I feel like I should also make note that I found this piece particularly difficult to write about.  Ha.

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