Friday, August 03, 2012


This summer is relentless. The Pluto / Uranus square has taken no prisoners and this heat is scary.  Untenable situations abound, but the Soulsplitter is unconcerned. It performs its duties with the consistency of the sunrise, and I fear it isn't done with us just yet. 

Recommended Listening:

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Thursday, August 02, 2012


For the past month, I've been working with Jeremy over at Horror Blogger Alliance to create a design for the newest HBA T-shirt!  We ended up with the two final designs above that are available now at Neatorama's Neatoshop.  Check out the info on the HBA Tshirts, or order one here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

In the Pools of Fevered Disappointment, He Waits

I find this piece a little difficult to write about.  I am observing an exterior structure becoming transparent, revealing a previously hidden intent.  Chaos and Toxicity, that's all I have right now.

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