Thursday, April 18, 2013

Featured Creature Bonus: Devil's Square, Scratch Portrait

Here is a portrait of Scratch from the Devil's Square.  I was in between things at the library and felt like a bit of color sketching for a change.  It was a fun challenge also as I didn't have my entire pen collection with me so my color palette was limited.  I had to create some of the colors by mixing others: one of my favorite pastimes.

Being so excited with how the DS pieces have turned out, I didn't want to have to wait however many years it would be before this showed up as a From The Archives post, so I decided to share it now.  I hope you like it.  Sorry this post doesn't have any extra bit of fiction attached to it, but I promise you'll be seeing / reading more of the Square as quickly as I can get them to you!  These guys have rekindled my comic book flame.  :-)  I can't wait to share more about them.


Vincent said...

Glad to hear of the rekindling of the flame! I recently had a similar realization lately. Who knew dreams of the past could just simply return to you!? This is one crazy life we live : )

Jesse Campbell said...

Thanks Vincent! Good to hear from you. I owe you some comments and viewing. Yes on the flame rekindling. :-) gladto hear of your realization. HUGGS. I've hit so many dire life blockades of late that I haven't felt like things could change or I could have those dreams again. The past couple of weeks are making me cautiously optimistic though.

Things have been very "best of times, worst of times" this month between my computer death and happy shiny rebirth, the Boston bombing, CISPA threatening again, pollen season making it hard to breath, and my very recent happy involvement with Skin Crawling Comics. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the house is spinning around inside the tornado. I hope things are going well for you!!!

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