Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skin Crawling Comics Update 05.16.13

Here's the inked cover image for Skin Crawling Comics by NJValente.  You can also check out more of his artwork at deviantart: NJValente.

Hopefully by the time this posts I'll be at the tail end of completing the coloring for Buried, or at least that is my hope / plan.  :-)  I've just put the finishing touches on page six and it's my favorite one so far.  I'll post more info when I can, but for right now enjoy this cool cover while I go wash scary images in creepy tones.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha - cough - cough - cough - I gotta get some sleep.

The Buried team:

Bryant Dillon - Writer          Chris Thorne - Artist
Adam Wollet - Letterer
Rachel Pandich - Editor          Gerald Rathkolb - Editor

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