Thursday, May 09, 2013

UPDATE Night of the Living Dead: Barbara Zombie Greyscale

Here we have the greyscale of an earlier drawing of Barbara from the original Night of the Living Dead, after we see her dragged into an undead horde.  With there being no living flesh left at the old farm house, she is wandering off into the night to find something fresh.

I've been meaning to get the greyscale for this piece finished for some time.  Other things kept jumping in front, but I finally sat down and put on Night of the Living Dead and stayed until the greyscale was complete.  With this being Barbara, I wanted to do something a little special and give her a fancy background.

{Sharpie with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}


Jeremy [Retro-Z] said...

that is awesome design... hope all is well and the world has not consumed you...

Jesse Campbell said...

Thanks! I wanted to do more with, but there's never enough time...not consumed just yet. :-P April was just kind of super crazy but at least May is turning out more organized. :-)