Monday, July 01, 2013

Featured Creature Summer Vacation

Sorry for the delay This week.  I've been dealing with some health issues this past month that have challenged my ability to focus.  I am also working hard on coloring a second story for Skin Crawling Comics.  Add to that a Mercury retrograde and one of the most astrologically active summers ever and you have a cocktail of complication. 

I've been feeling increasingly exhausted the past few weeks and it has finally caught up with me.  I've decided to take a few weeks off Zombie Bites.  Call it my summer vacation if you like.  I aiming to gear back up around the 23rd, but it may be the 30th before I'm back  on track.  I'll keep you posted, as it were.  Sorry.  Accidental puns.  See how tired I am.  :-P  See you in a couple of weeks.  Stay Scary!

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