Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skin Crawling Comics Update: 071813

Between world events, several personal challenges, group ethical and moral clashes, and one of the most intense astrological summer's on record, I feel like I was shoved underwater at the beginning of June and am only just beginning to surface.  With the record nonstop rains we've had for the past three weeks, underwater isn't far from the truth.

Slowly but surely the pages for the Serpentine Cure move forward.  The process for full color imagery is a bit more involved than what I've done before now. I'm in the process of whittling down the rough edges on this very steep learning curve. I'm picking up speed, but only very slowly.

I've finally got all the pages for the story 'flatted'.  Flatting is the process of putting in all the flat base coloring for a comic book page.  Once I got knee deep in flatting The Serpentine Cure, I realized why colorists pay other colorists to do it for them.  It is extremely exacting and time consuming.  Flatting has been the biggest time consumer in this whole process so far.  Like I said, a steep learning curve.

The Serpentine Cure

Tatiana Christian - Writer
Jenay Gordon - Artist
Rachel Pandich - Editor
Gerald Rathkolb - Editor

In the meantime, here's the color version of the Skin Crawling Comics cover.  I don't know if this is the final version, but very cool regardless. I hope you enjoy!

 Skin Crawling Comics on the web

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