Friday, September 13, 2013

Skin Crawling Comics Indigogo Fundraiser Ends at Midnight!

The Skin Crawling Comics Anthology Indigogo Fundraiser ends at Midnight tonight!  As I type this we are at about third of what we need. Please check out Skin Crawling on Twitter, Facebook, and the fundraising page at Indiegogo! Help make Skin Crawling Comics a reality.

Here's a little creepy image I whipped up some time back.  I had planned to use it for Skin Crawling promotion, but it isn't part of the stories within the book, so I put it away for a rainy day.  I hope you like it or least it makes your skin crawl!  heh heh.  Unless something changes dramatically before midnight, at this point it doesn't look like we're going to make our goal, but a third isn't bad though.  It beats nothing at all.  :-)

Personally, I've learned a lot throughout this entire experience.  I just hope that in the long run this project will blossom.  A lot of work went into all the stories.  If anything else, everyone gets the pleasure of a job well done.  If you're just coming to this, check out some the previous posts I've done about Skin Crawling Comics to see some of the excellent art from the SCC stories.

I feel like Skin Crawling got shot in the foot by a number of overwhelming world issues this summer.  I mean really - when Edward Snowden is running for his life from the US government and Bradley Manning is standing up to and being sentenced to 35 years in jail by that same government for telling the truth - how does a horror comic book compete?  Now our president is pushing for another "military action" in a section of the world that just wants us to pack up and go home. 

Well, that's why I like horror.  It's much less scary than real life.  How can what we've created with Skin Crawling compare to the horror of the world we currently live in?  Ah well, better luck next time right?  Stay tuned here though.  Any news about Skin Crawling Comics I will certainly be piping on about.  Hopefully this isn't the end, but merely a detour to greener pastures.


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