Thursday, February 28, 2013

Featured Creature UPDATE: The Night Thing Part IV

The following is the conclusion of the short fiction presented for the Featured Creature piece, The Night Thing.  I will be posting the update to the original post also If you would like to read the pieces as a continuous whole.

The Night Thing Part IV

"STOP!"  The man in the circle raised his hand flatly towards Ricky but did not look towards him.  Ricky looked at him wide eyed, questioning.  "It has not left us.  Stay inside.  Lock the door."  Ricky slowly closed the door and locked it once again.  He slumped to the floor. He and the ragged man sat in silence for a long while.  The ragged man had assumed a meditative stance and had closed his eyes.  Ricky scanned the darkness beyond for any sign of movement.  His jaw was tight and his teeth chattered lightly like he were cold.

"Whu-What is that thing?" Ricky finally asked.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Featured Creature: Lover's Tongue

From Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils:

"Approximately three to four feet in length, the Erasti el Isnan, or Lover's Tongue, are considered one of the lesser Chimera.  In Die Tür Des Bösen, this creature is referred to also as one of the Hungry, a class of cruel rapacious demons that manipulate bodily appetites.  Reputed as petty demons of sexual obsession and jealousy, Erasti are often considered more pests than an actual demonic threat.  Erasmus Möller's account of his encounter with the Arch Duke Grahtennas, gives an indication of the Erasti el Isnan as pets of the greater demons due to the delicate erotic pain of their stings.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Zombie Bites New Abstract: History Set VI, Within the Garden of Integrations

The further neutralization of the conflict of opposites bridges the gap between imagination and mundane reality.  The landscape literally comes to life as the elements give themselves over to the process of the creation of the new. The more they give of themselves, the more fertile and resplendent the landscape becomes.

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