Friday, September 27, 2013

Featured Creature 2012-13: Last Bites Part VI, Dreaming the Dark Night

In June I took a departure from how I'd been approaching the Featured Creature posts.  In many of the fiction pieces associated with the Featured Creature posts, artifacts of mystical power had appeared and I wanted to take a more time to shine a spotlight on those objects and their individual histories.  Beginning with the Chaska of the Chaldean Abyss, I presented these items of power while continuing to push forward with the new color aspect of my work.  Sadly, June would not be as uneventful as May and complications began immediately on June first that would challenge my ability to move forward with any regularity.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Featured Creature: One Last Candle Before the Dark

As the Autmunal Equinox passes and we enter the dark half of the year, here's one last candle to celebrate the light.  This wraps up my month long celebration of the one year anniversary of the Featured Creature.  I hope you've enjoyed everything so far and will stick around for what's to come in 2013-2014.  Thanks for viewing and reading!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Delays and Apologies

The past two days have been crazy busy and I missed that I had left the most recent Featured Creature post, Eagle of Vz, in draft mode and it failed to post on time yesterday.  I didn't catch it until this afternoon.  My apologies for the delay.

Featured Creature: Eagle of Vz

The following is a continuation of the fiction begun in the Featured Creature Spawn of Vz Post:

"I had just finished spreading the salt in a circle around the house when the flames began to show through the windows.  I took a small vial from my pocket and moved to each of the four directional points on the circle.  I sprinkled a splash in towards the house at each of the points. The tincture of blessed oils and water would seal the little bastard in and make sure the fire did it's work.  I had to stick around until I was sure that the spawn was dead, but I needed to be far away when the fire department arrived.  I stepped away from the house and picked up the duffel bag I'd brought with me.

From the Archives: Dark Corner

When I drew this, there was a person I was working with that I strongly disliked.  I often imagined dark things growing in the corners of our office due to the poisonous environment.  The building was older and had a slight musty / moldy smell and our section of the building got very little sun...lots of dark corners.

{8x6.17  Ball Point Pen}
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