Saturday, October 04, 2014

Coming Soon: Third Annual Halloween Outbreak!

As the days grow colder and darker, the walls between the worlds grow thinner.  Strange entities wait just on the other side of the veil. Each year on All Hallow's Eve they break out and overrun the world of the mundane. 

In the small town of Rivercross, everyone is preparing for the annual Halloween parade.  As the sun sets, the streets will be filled with giggling costumed children on strange floats, luminary Jack o Lanterns, bouncing flashlights and glowsticks of trick-or-treaters, bags heavy with candy treats, and gleeful screams of laughter.  The people of Rivercross will gather together in their garish costumes for an evening of merriment, but unseen, a dark force moves amongst them.  Beneath the skin of the town an incalculable will is waking a sleeping beast.

Once the parade begins, nothing in Rivercross will ever be the same.

Halloween Outbreaks at Zombie bites are an annual fiction and art event.  Each year, new serial horror fiction and related art are presented in the days leading up to Halloween (and sometimes well after).

If you would like a taste of horror to tide you over until this year's outbreak begins, check out my previous Halloween Outbreaks, The Night of the Cauldron and the Halloween Zombie Outbreak (HZO).


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