Saturday, March 08, 2014

Spring Hiatus

I need to offer an apology.  Things have gotten a little sloppy here of late.  I've missed the final edits on several posts and they've gone to post with text attached that should have been deleted.  This is just one of the reasons why I'm choosing to take some time off.

I've been running at a hard pace with Zombie Bites since December adding new features and giving the entire site a fresh coat of paint and new support structures.  I've also had some reoccurring medical issues plaguing me for the past month that have held me back.  I'm exhausted. I'm going to take some time off to replenish my batteries and heal.  

There won't be any new Featured Creature posts for a couple of weeks, maybe three. When I get back, all other features will pick up where they leave off.  However, if I have some thing already set to go, I'll set it to post during the down time regardless.  I apologize that the Featured Creature Reunion at the Merrimon Library story still remains incomplete, but that will be part of what I'll be working on during the hiatus.  I'm going to take at least two weeks, possibly more, to crawl back into my grave before I come back refreshed and ready to eat the living.  Thanks for viewing and reading!  See you soon.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Exhumed: Strange Eye

Here is a simple sketch of a nonhuman eye.  As I was working on it, I wanted to do more than just add color to it.  That's where the shading and bubbles came in.  I tried to give a subtle sense of structure to the "head" that houses this eye.  Obviously a larger creature but it's exact nature we cannot tell.  You can bet though that there are tentacles involved!

{8x6.533,  Graphite with color added in Adobe Photoshop}

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Featured Creature: Reunion at the Merrimon Library Part VI, Towards the Circle

Reunion at the 
Merrimon Library:
Part VI, Towards the Circle

Alan crawled slowly towards the corner.  He held on tightly to the copy of Die Tür Des Bösen with his good hand and angled the wrist of his wounded hand to keep from putting too much pressure on it.  It had swollen up in an ugly way, the fingers grown to twice their size.  Luckily the intense pain had faded into a dull throb.  Small favors, he thought.  In short hobbled movements, he slithered towards the corner.

From what Alan could see in the dim light, most of circle that Tim had created was still intact.  One of the piles closest to him had been knocked over when Tim rushed from the circle.  The books had not scattered but merely lay down like a sliced loaf of bread.  They could easily be stacked again in their original positions.  He would need them to be as exact as possible to attune the energies so that he might close the gate Tim had opened, if he could close it at all.  He clung to that hope as he crawled, eying the shapes that moved beneath the skin of the walls.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

From the Archives: Devil and Angel

Here is a sharpie sketch exploring ideas for a flyer advertising a heaven and hell themed party.

{8.5x11,  Sharpie}

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Featured Creature: Everything's Fine

"Samantha!  Oh My God!  You disappeared!  Where where you?"  I rushed to hug her.  "Are you okay?"

"Everything's fine."  She smiled at me.  she was stiff in my embrace, her breathing shallow.

"Thank Goodness."  I pulled back but kept a comforting hand on her shoulder.  "I was worried."  She continued to smile.

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