Saturday, October 11, 2014

And the Winner is...

Drum roll please...The winner of my Neatoshop Giveaway is Chris Thorne and his selection is CaffiendThanks to everyone who particitpated!

Don't forget that the Neatoshop Sale has been extended until Sunday at Midnight!   If there is a shirt that you just cannot live without, all tshirts are 15% off until Sunday!  

LAST CALL: Which Design is Your Favorite?

There are only a few hours left before I wrap My Neatoshop Grand Opening Giveaway!  Leave me a comment with this post either here at Zombie Bites or on My Facebook Page and let me know your favorite design.  This evening I'll put everyone's names in a hat together and draw the winner!  The winner will get a free tshirt with their chosen design!

Also, the Neatoshop Sale has been extended until Sunday at Midnight!   If there is a shirt that you just cannot live without, all tshirts are 15% off until Sunday!  Check it out!  While you're at it drop by the Neatoshop Facebook page and give them a like.  I wouldn't have this opportunity without them!

Here are my designs to date:

After this my plan is to take up a pattern of presenting at least one new design each week.  If there is an image here on Zombie Bites or at any of my other blogs that you would like to see as a tshirt design or made available as a print, send me an email with the link at and I'll make it available as soon as possible!

Saturday Sketch: Original Jack O'Lantern

To celebrate the Halloween season, all of my Saturday Sketches for this month will have some kind of connection to to the darksome holiday.  This week we have Jason Macendale, the Original Jack O'Lantern.  He first appeared in Machine Man #19, but later became a regular Spider-man villain.  

It wasn't until I began research for this piece that I found out he originated in Machine Man.  The first time I saw this character way back in Amazing Spider-man #254,  I immediately wanted more.  He has a flaming Jack o'lantern head!  What's not to love?!  I do have to admit a certain amount of inspiration from this character for Jack, the villainous force behind last year's Night of the Cauldron.

{2.5x3.5,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

I claim no copyright for the properties represented in the Saturday Sketches.  All copyrights and trademarks are retained by their respective owners.  I make no money from what I am presenting here.  It is presented for portfolio and appreciation purposes only.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Exhumed: Ghoul

Here we have an exhumed Ghoul.  With this piece I wanted to get into the creepy night time atmosphere of the image while keeping the savage anger of the original sketch.  I feel like this piece and another ghoul I drew some time ago are cut from the same cloth.  Although I'm enjoying the dramatic side lighting, I'm not super excited about the overall color here.  I feel like it turned out just okay.  I may have to exhume this piece again at some point.

{7.31x5.13,  Graphite with colors added in Adobe Photoshop}

From the Archives: Sea of Doubt

Some recent Photoshop play on a depressing day.

{8x5.18,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

NeatoShop TShirt Sale!

Neatoshop is currently running a site wide sale until Friday October 10th at Midnight!  Tshirts are 15% off until the sale ends!  Drop by Neatoshop and My Storefront check it out!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Featured Creature: The Syl'udet

Excerpted from Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils:

"The Syl'udet are a common race of parasitic demons.  Within the confines of Hell they are as prolific as rats in urban sewers.  Most humans will have contact with these dread pests at least once in their lifetimes.

Within the earth plane, the Syl'udet generally cannot be seen by the mundane eye.  They are visible briefly during twilight times and then only by those who are sensitive or psychic.  However, there are many occult devices that do allow a mundane viewer to perceive these creatures.  In two separate recorded incidents, Syl'udet have been perceived using Sheridan's Visor as well as a Veil of the Mudra.

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