Wednesday, September 02, 2015

From the Archives: See

It seems each year that February always brings about a rebirth of direction for me artistically, at least with the Zombie Bites headers.  Above is the first header from early 2015.   After the unsettling events in America during the latter half of 2014, I wanted to find a way to express those feelings of deep seated group intensity, sharpened awareness, and fear filled paranoia.

For 2015, I wanted to take the headers in a different direction than the work I had been producing.  I chose to adopt a looser style.  It is not as apparent in this piece as I was overcoming the tension of the 2014 year end.  Although the 2014 pieces all had some underlying element of dark humor or social commentary, the 2015 headers have all moved back towards the essence of the work I want to create: horror.

{13.33x4.68, created in Adobe Photoshop}

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