Friday, April 03, 2015

Exhumed: Tornado of Self

An older piece depicting a disturbed emotive state.  With the color reinvestigation, I wanted to add a stronger sense of motion within the piece to indicate that the individual distortion had begun to effect the surrounding environment.  I also chose to confine my palette to "body" colors: light flesh, blood, excretions.  With the use of these body specific colors, my intent was to give the image a subtle disturbing quality that intimated the visceral aspects of the black and white sketch with further graphic representation.

{8.5x11, Sharpie with color added in Adobe Photoshop}

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Galleries Updated

Here's a quick note to let everyone know that I just updated all the galleries with fresh thumbnails and links for easy viewing.  This go round, every gallery has something new.  Enjoy!

 Exhumed From the Archives
 Featured Creature Saturday Sketch
 Psyche Delectus Tenebrarum

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