Thursday, July 21, 2011

From the Archives: Skeleton Study

This was a study for a larger piece involving several other skeletons.  That piece is still in the works, but this study is very pleasant all its own.  That and who can resist a dramatically lit skeleton!

Its when I work on something like this that I realize my deficiencies in human anatomy.  It makes me want to draw more skeletons so that I may learn.  I'll get on that.  :-)

{Pen & Ink, Sharpie}


Vincent said...

Bah! Who draws skeletons with Sharpie markers!? I mean, really, what are you trying to prove?

J/K ; )

Seriously though, I think you can lay to rest your insecurities about human anatomy. I'd say that's spot on. Although, this guy could be A LOT fuzzier, in my opinion : )

Aquilus Domini said...

ooo, well done :D i like it and the dark shading at the top gives it a hint of character, like maybe it's still alive...ahhh. :D i wish i could draw skeletons that came out looking as good as yours. :)

Zombie Ad said...

It has a 30's feel to me. Nice.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! :-)

Hopefully there will be more skeletons soon...and some zombies too if I can get my life back on track. Who knows...maybe I'll chat up the dark gods and see if they'll resurrect my laptop. Of course if it starts eating the harddrives of other laptops there might be a problem. LOL.

Vincent - You got me thinking about fuzzy skeletons man...I'll see what I can work up for you! hee hee.

Aquilus - I keep a piece of skeleton reference by my desk all the time so I am constantly reminded of the briefness of life...I mean...the anatomical structure of our bones... :-P and yes it is still a bit...MOIST.

Zombie Ad- Yes. There is a lot of EC comics floating around in the back of my head....and a good bit of Mike Mignola as well. He has lots of pulpy goodness about him. Probably why he is one of my favorites.

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