Friday, May 18, 2012

Devil's Head II: The Unquiet Dead

In the dark caves of Hell, trapped and hungry, forgotten desires map out the cursed gift of their continuance.  Their garbled chanting wears the air thin with obscenities.  They stretch free of the underworld like separating meat.  Toothless and eager and undead, they seek us out for one last wet embrace.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: The Gateway

Here is another sketch for a larger piece.  I had a vision of a large arched gate that a dark river ran beneath.  My initial thought was of the Moon card from the Tarot, but upon time and reflection, I think this may be an incarnation of the river Styx and the entrance to the Underworld / Realm of Hades.  Considering the time frame during which this sketch was created and Pluto's inevitable ingress into Capricorn (my sign), Styx seems very likely.  Also, the two guardians are very much like grim reapers.  Of course, both visions can be true.  Intriguing.

COMING SOON: Festival of Orgone

At the end of of June 2012, I will be hosting an online art festival on one of my other blogs, Trail of Breadcrumbs.  I've done some work in the past that has been an indicator of some of the style of work I will be displaying: the Janus Chariot, Blue Flame, and Collapsing the Waveform.  My working title for the event is The Festival of Orgone.  I will have more details available before the end of May and I will post a definite time frame for the festivities with more detailed information.  Please come check it out!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Devils Head I: Dilemma of the Dark Votive

This is the beginning of a series of four pieces all of which were created from the same source material.  Each had its own voice and message, so I've chosen to give them each separate posts.

This piece struck me as the revelation of a dark device.  Some votive to an ancient devil suddenly discovered in your possession, its raspy voice whispering from the half light of a candle lit room.  What if the Monkey's Paw whispered to you in the night?

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