Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Burning

This is me trying to sort out my fiery emotions.  Kind of hard when they gang up.  My original intent was to find a release for my emotional intensity.  I was creating this piece at the time the London riots were beginning, but I had no idea they were occurring until 3 days later. 

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this one out.  I was actually intensely angry when I was working on this piece.  Now it is almost like looking at a firepit after it has been put out.  You remember the warmth and the smoke and maybe you burned your finger or something, but now there is just a black spot and some ashes and the acrid smell that something burned here.

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Zombie Ad said...

I like the transparecency, and the fact that only some of the picture is mirrored.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I've been trying to keep these kind of pieces from being exactly mirrored to give them a more organic quality. More pieces like this to come. I'm having a blast with this method.

Vincent said...

I'm enjoying the symmetry. I'm seeing faces everywhere, even with it upside down. The limbs also remind me of the end of Time Cop when Ron Silver finally bites it.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I've never seen Time Cop. I may need to friend Josh and I are talking about working on a time travel comic book.

Yes on the faces. This was supposed to be another rage piece, but it actually ended up a rather soothing image. Despite the disturbing morphogenics.