Thursday, September 29, 2011

General Marrow, Lord of Bones

Within the dream of the abattoir,
beneath hair and toenail and skin,
he digs beneath our fat and past the organs.
His business is with the bone core.

He is the lightning knight of epiphany,
the unyielding harbinger of revelation,
the barrier breaker of the adamant secret,
and the herald of truth too long denied.

He seeks within the within
beneath the layers of lies,
the self deceptions and petty farces.
He digs to show us the selves we have forgotten, hidden.
He seeks the bone blood at the heart of all things.
When his fingers are red with the truth of us,
he replaces our bits,
zips us up like bags,
and returns us to our beds.

In the postmortem light of dawn,
we will not forget the stains on his apron
or the insistence of his butcher's touch,
but can we find the resolve
to shed our specious egos
and emerge as our true selves
before his grim necessity
seeks us out once again
Or do we move like sheep each night
lying ignorant in our cage framed beds
waiting for the red handed man
to mount us on his chopping block.

Recommended Listening:
from Nordland

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Very effective. The large image, the stony, hospital blue-green texture. His uncomfortably large head sitting atop the snowy mountain top. Finally, those piercing, multiple eyes. Everything comes together very well, as it makes you brace yourself against the inevitable bloody truth that he is about to reveal to you.

Seriously dude. This should someday be a wall-sized print or painting paired with the poem. Very powerful.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

This is one of those I don't think I could be in the room with for very long if it were wall sized. I had thought initially that he might be some kind of General in Grahtennas' army, but this seems much more powerful.

Vincent said...

Agreed. The General seems more like a god that Grahtennas might worship.

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