Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Kingdom of the Blind

Darkness within and Darkness without. 
From the Darkness they come. 
They are of the darkness
and the holy land of Darkness. 

Recommended Listening:
from Horizons

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}

UPDATE 011515:

This piece is now available as a tshirt or other paraphernalia at my Neatoshop.  Drop by and check it out!


Vincent said...

There's a definite toothy, planarian, organic, fleshy, almost sexual quality to this. Very surreal, keeps you looking and wondering.

You seem to be exploring similar themes over on TOBC as well. The first thing I saw wasn't a bear but a front cross section of female reproductive organs.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Toothy, planarian, fleshy...
:-) That's how I knew I was finished with this one. I looked up and went "what tha?!?"

What is strange is the absence of any sexual bits in the original source material. I usually don't like to say what the image was created from, but in this case I feel like it won't hurt.

This piece was created from a picture of my face...and that is all. I think maybe there was some of the chair I was sitting in within the image, but mostly my big fat head. It stands to reason that body part imagery would emerge. We are bilateral in construction. These recent pieces are mostly horizontal flipping.

Yes on the Cheribum of the Mother Sanctum. That was part of the reason for the title. I'm revealing a truth there. Women are made of bears. :-P and you know what...

I really respect bears.
...because bears will kill you.

Vincent said...

LOL bears! That's comedy gold. Reminds me of Maria Bamford's bit with the crazy cult lady and bears (couldn't finda clip of it, dagnabit).

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank you for the Maria Bamford!!!
I almost peed myself.
(the true measure of all good comedy)

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