Thursday, September 15, 2011

Return of the Lord of the Forest

He emerged from the fog and darkness.
The moonlit mist marked his steady gate,
undulating around him like a lover.
As he passed he looked at me only once
and I knew I had strayed far from the well-worn path,
that I had seen the incalculable,
the unknowable,
the unforgettable.
My eyes forever marked by the coldfire,
my body wracked from the unrelenting knowledge of him.

His path was now mine,
the tree shadowed arcades of night.
I would walk at his side forever,
a manbride for Cernunnos.

Recommended Listening:
Silver Sphere
from ORE

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Real Queen of Horror said...

That is a creepily awesome picture. Awesome poem too.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank You. All those folds in the face - somewhere between a wolf, a spider, a vulture, and god knows what else. Yummy creepiness. :-O
Thanks for joining and commenting! :-)

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