Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guess Who Finally Got a Scanner?!?!

It's going to take me a little while, but now I can finally update with some decent scans of the sketchbook pieces I've posted.  YIPPEEEEEEE!  :-)  I think I'm on the smack / rub payment plan with the universe, because overall this week has been total crap, but here at the end of it, a very nice surprise.

This scanner will allow me a variety of things, not the least of which will be the ability to scan my drawings for my comic book work.  This will allow several stalled projects to truly get moving again since I won't have to pay $12/plus an hour at Fedex Office to rent a scanner.  WAHOO!

Also it will allow a new level of creativity for my regular work here as evidenced by the gentleman below.  I'm calling him The King of Hearts.  He was created totally from scanned images.  Hopefully as time progresses, regular access to a scanner will add a new level to my work.  I hope you like!

The King of Hearts exists, hidden and meditating, in some contained sanctuary.  The air is full with the sweet smell of incense.  The walls and even his skin are marked delicately by the passage of time.  The patterning remarks of an ancient mystery, something beyond the yolk of the modern western world.  Even the king himself seems only to exist within the smoke of the incense.  He is a gesture, a glance, a expression, an experience remembered only in the marks its leaves on our flesh.  He is ghostly and ephemeral, but governs the process of emotional manifestation.  He marks us permanently with our loves, our hates, our very hearts.  As we feel, so we become.

Recommended Listening:
The White Birch
from Star is Just a Sun

{Scanned Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Hey hey hey! Congrats on the scanner acquisition! Love the scan of "In the Darkness", the detail and pen strokes really stand out compared to the old photo version.

I may have a scanner purchase in my future as well. The one I have now I got almost ten years ago and even then it was used and had an old sticker on it that read, "Get ready for Windows 98!"

(P.S. Love what you did with my "Brain Loss" banner but you seemed to have forgotten the "d" in "Handmade")

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I found this scanner at my local Habitat for Humanity for $5 bucks. I had to seek out the cords though...that cost me $24 bucks, but hey, functional Scanner!!!! :-)

Sorry bout that - The banner is fixed. Thanks for catching that. :-o I had caught my initial typo of 'Handade Art' and I guess I overcorrected. oops. All is well now.

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