Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Raise Up My Light

It burns in my heart like an ingot of molten metal. Sometimes it moves to the forefront from the far reaches of my mind and boils over my view until I cannot see past this driving force.  There is no reason, just the scream, only the scream.

It will be free.  If I do not find a way to release it, it will seek its own purchase in the world.  It will strike like lightning, burning and breaking until it is spent.  The surge of blood.  The great red sea.  The Odin force.  The Kundalini.  The opening of the great eye. The life death scream of the hawk.  When it wakes, the world trembles.

There is an older piece I created in graphite that is a sister piece to this one.  I will get a photo of that one soon.  It is larger than my normal work.  Also, It was packed away during the move and will need to be extracted.

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{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

This is quite effective. I makes me uneasy and reminds me of my own recent capture of my screaming face. I guess it's because there are so few times in our day to day lives when a scream is appropriate that makes it so compelling, an indulgence in what is mostly considered a kind of taboo.

Man... Splitting that face apart to create two mouths was a great move! Well played.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

These past few pieces have made me realize that I need to maybe take a break from looking into my shadows. I'm exhausted. I don't know what form the break is going to take, but I'm beginning to feel extremely weary. My soul feels thin.

Sorry for the delay on recent comment replies. Things have been a bit stalled on my end. I've been feeling very scattered and disoriented in the new year. I think the things I've lost from my move are becoming, sanity, convenience, feng shui, my ability to be solitary when I wish. I put myself on hold when I began the move and this week the sutures kind of burst.

This piece is kind of the essence of that in a sense. I kind of snapped at my housemates this week over something that can be discussed reasonably. I've just had so much come down the pipe at me over the past year that I'm all out of flexibility and patience. I don't know how I'm going to refill those particular cups, but something has to be done soon. ugh. Especially with Mars heading retrograde this coming week. Be prepared for heightened aggression until April. HUGGZ.

Thanks for all the comments and thoughts Vincent. Sorry I've been so slack lately.

Vincent said...

Sorry to hear of your exhaustion and no apologies are needed. You just take your time and try to get plenty of rest. I think this winter is particularly harsh right now in terms of sapping everyone's energy.

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