Monday, June 04, 2012

Body of Light I: Ape of Thoth

I must preface the description of this piece with a note that I did not intend to create a piece about the Ape of Thoth, but upon finishing this piece, I knew that was what I was seeing.  As I researched for more information, it seemed more and more that my initial reaction was appropriate.  I found a really good description of the Ape of Thoth over at Strange Onion Peelings that helped me confirm.  I feel like I should also make note that I found this piece particularly difficult to write about.  Ha.

Ah, to do battle with a cross dressing baboon in an attempt to create change in the world.  It all makes perfect sense now.  Thoth also appears as a baboon god of equilibrium, A'an, in the Underworld, Duat, assisting Ma'at with judgement of the heart. A certain level of sense being made there as well in that what we desire in our minds and what our hearts desire do not often jibe.  Thus the Ape of Thoth as agent of confusion and disruption becomes clearer.  May be it all just boils down to a cosmic case of miscommunication.  Ha.

Recommended Listening:
Eve (FULL)
from Eve

This piece and the next two of the Body of Light set were created from the same source material.  Again I ran into a piece (or rather a set of pieces), that might be better off over in Trail of Breadcrumbs, but due to some of the adult elements of the pieces and their slightly disturbing nature, they found their home here in Zombie Bites instead.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

This has a very psychedelic, acid-trippy, ghostly feel to me. I can almost hear Jimi Hendrix playing in the background : )

Hey, love the new header and all the tweaks to the blog design. Funny how a little change here and there can do so much!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

This is that American woman he was talking about. yaep. :-P

Thanks on the header and tweaks. I tried to keep the basics in place, but when I set up the new template, the header size was screwed and I had to make a new one. My old template was the ancient ancient simple one and wouldn't show the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ buttons that I added, so I had to update.

I also updated the Vincent link on the side so that it go to your new place too. :-)

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