Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eve of the Festival of Orgone June 20th-July 4th

Over in the sister blog to Zombie Bites, Trail of Breadcrumbs, tomorrow begins the Festival of Orgone.  The Festival will run for two weeks from the Summer Solstice through the US Independence Day.  I will be celebrating the Festival by posting a new piece of Orgone inspired artwork each day. The Festival is inspired by Orgone Energy and the work of Wilhelm ReichCome check it out!

Technically, this piece, The Orgone Bomb, is more apropos as a weekly mandala, but I wanted an Orgone related piece here on the eve of the festival.  My plan is for an expansion, but of course I have the opening nite jitters.  On the literal end, I hope that what I have planned doesn't 'bomb'.  I must give special thanks here to Grant Morrison for his influence on my mind and creative process.  Please check out The Bomb and The Barbelith Underground for other idea bombs.

Recommended Listening:
VnV Nation
from Burning Empires

Join me tomorrow as the festivities begin!

{Digital Images created in Adobe Photoshop}

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