Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From The Archives: 2001 Maze Poster Pieces

These are the original drawings I used to create the Halloween party poster below.  I wanted to create a foggy forest but wasn't quite sure how to achieve that effect.  I ended up drawing the individual trees in sharpie and constructing the entire forest in Photoshop with gradient effects to simulate fog.  It all seems incredibly simple now, but at the time it was a heavy challenge.  I hadn't been using Photoshop for very long at that point and everything felt like chiseling stone.  Sadly, the original Photoshop file for the poster was lost to The Hunger of the Zip Disks, but I was very excited when I recently found the physical copies of the original drawings. The image below was scanned from a hardcopy.  The original post for this poster is here.

{Drawn in Sharpie and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

I'm really enjoying the original drawings. Flipping through them almost seems to tell a narrative of sorts.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks. :-)

At the moment, I'm listening to some strange dark ambient, Final, and flipped through them and suddenly it was like I was lost in a foggy limbo. Deliciously creepy.

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