Monday, November 26, 2012

Mirror of the Minotaur

Near the palace at Gnosis,
birthed of union and godly misfortune,
I keep myself at bay with a confusion of corridors.
I build a labyrinthine meander to house my savagery,
my monstrous child self.

Hidden in the serpentine,
my face is the beast at its center.
Seven times I swallow my youth.
Seven times I swallow my hearts.
Yet I cross the oceans
to be slain by my own hand.

Luck and cunning find me, I am not lost.
A spool unwinds its gift of desire.
I pull the thread through turn and turn.
Like the invisible path that leads lightning to itself,
after my death, it guides me to my freedom.

Recommended Listening:
from The Seer

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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