Thursday, January 03, 2013

Questions: Recommended Listening?

In posts involving my abstract works, I often included links below the images to music that I feel is relevant or to my current playlist.  My goal was to offer an extra bit of ambiance to the images by creating a soundtrack to dark worlds I am envisaging. However, time has gotten a bit crucnchy for me recently and I'm looking to save some time in my postings.  Those particular links require a good bit of time and research. 

My question is this:  Do you, my readers, find those links useful or interesting?  Do you check the links or investigate the musicians? 

I was considering adding a Recommended Listening page as some of the music has begun to repeat.  This way I could keep the links and save a bit of time.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks.


Gabriel said...

Well, to be honest, I don't usually 'investigate' the music you add, but I do like listening to it and i think it gives your posts another layer to them. Like you said, it creates a bit ambiance. Time is important, but if you've got some, i think the music is a nice touch. Big thanks for the banner.
Hope you and your blog have an amazing year.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks for responding! I've never really asked about the links, I just put them up and hoped. I'm glad someone is listening! :-) The main thing is staying ahead. With the music for the abstract pieces, I try to select the music as far in advance as I can, but sometimes time gets pinched. I may add a recommended listening page, regardless, just to consolidate. :-)

Maybe investigate is too dry a word. I'm a bit of a sound junkie and the moment I find a group that I like, I'm a detective until I feel like I have good source for their music. I put the group and the album links there for that reason: I know I'll need more delicious ear candy later. :-)

My pleasure on the banner. I've been meaning to get that up for awhile. Same to you and Invizible Kidz for 2013! I'm ready for amazing, I'm tired of shitstorm for sure. :-P

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