Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sorry about all the Spam

I discovered recently in my attempt to increase my traffic and draw attention to my artwork, I have inadvertently become a spammer.  During all of the updates I have been working on since December, I noticed a drop in my number of views.  Upon investigation I discovered that I've been doing some things that Google penalizes.  I had been reposting some of my work over at my tumblr, Wind of the Gods and duplicating thumbnails for monthly review posts at ARS JWCSEO rules are kind of nebulous as to what is effective and what is detrimental.

I have no training in SEO so I've been discovering methods and processes on my own and teaching myself through the process of elimination...and apparently shooting myself in the foot along the way.  It was fairly disheartening when I discovered that Zombie Bites wasn't showing up on Google except as links from other locations.  I attribute its absence primarily to the adult rating of my blog.  I am currently examining what I would have to do to change that rating back to general audience.

As long as I have a target to aim towards I'm okay.  The learning process continues.  Regardless, I am going to slow things down a bit at Zombie Bites and there will be some changes across the board for all my venues, but hopefully in the end it will make my work of a better quality and I hope more easily accessible.  I'll be posting about the changes as I am making them.  I appreciate your patience as I try to fix my mess.  As always, thank you for viewing and reading!

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