Friday, May 09, 2014

Countdown to SpartanCon: Halloween Outbreak - Night of the Cauldron

Next up for the SPARTANCON display pieces is a promotional teaser piece for The Night of Cauldron event from this past Halloween.

"In the Woodsboro subdivision, trick or treating and costume parties are disrupted as eerie green lights herald a terrifying and deadly turn to All Hallow’s Eve.  A mysterious force is bringing Halloween to life.  As the effect of the green light spreads, no one is unscathed by the horror that follows.  Read all eight chapters of The Night of the Cauldron and follow them to their gut wrenching conclusion at Zombie Bites!

Each October, as the walls between the worlds thin, there is a Halloween Outbreak at Zombie Bites.  In 2012, the living dead went from being only costumes to a virulent and ravenous menace.  In 2013, All Hallow’s Eve came alive with The Night of the Cauldron.  Join Zombie Bites in October 2014 as the Outbreak continues!"

I do want to announce that I have the plot mapped out for this year's Halloween Outbreak.  I desperately want to share, but I haven't nailed down the title just yet.  As soon as things solidify though, I promise to spiel about it.  Look for it as we get closer to Halloween!

{11x17, Designs created in Adobe Photoshop}

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