Wednesday, May 04, 2016

From The Archives: Seaside

"Sudd ott emm gos ett tos shuggwa 'net tannish k'tawl lin sud og shet en rugma!"

Like the passing of a long train at night, out of the great depths, it rose and rose and rose.  The rain and ocean spray glittered about it like falling coins.  The thing itself was dark grey and black, revealed only by the shining highlights upon its gargantuan form.  It made a noise like thick wood creaking under strain.  The protuberances at the bottom of its face parted and it bellowed like a claxonIts voice shook the shoreline.  

The robed figure smiled in the torrent of rain.  The ritual had taken a complete toll upon him.  He quivered with exertion and excitement.  He was a mad wanton thing.  He raised his arms and brayed into the roaring crash of the tide.
The Leviathan twisted in the shallows, sending walls of water in all directions.  The robed figure screamed as he disappeared under one rail car sized appendage


This is the last of the headers from 2015.  I had never drawn (in any detail) a cyclopean Cthulhuian behemoth.  The seaside seemed like the best place for hat level of horror.  I do have a deep fear of opaque bodies of water... that and behemoth indescribable insect cephalopod Gods.
For 2015, I wanted to take the headers in a different direction than the work I had been producing.  I chose to adopt a looser style.  Although the 2014 pieces all had some underlying element of dark humor or social commentary, the 2015 headers have all moved back towards the essence of the work I want to create: horror.
{13.33x4.68,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

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