Sunday, June 26, 2011

From the Archives: Green Ghoul

A brief homage sketch to Tales from the Crypt style horror.  There is also a quality here that reminds me a bit of the cartoon bunny from The Twilight Zone movie...after its transformation.   I feel like there should be strobing lights or something.  

That scary rabbit gave me that gut wrenching feeling you get from seeing something unnatural and filled with hate.  You just look at it and you know...nothing good can come from this.  Similar to my gut reaction to the spider head from John Carpenter's The Thing.  It pops off and sprouts legs and you are left agape, "That did not just happen! AUUUGH!"  Yeesh.  Always check under and behind furniture!  You never know where toothy evil lurks.

I regret making this piece in color now.  It was initially just a quick black and white sketch and I added the color much later.  I think this may be a lesson for me...if it starts out black and white it needs to stay that way...or if I'm going to colorize, a quick trip to fedex office or scan and photoshop instead of (in this case I feel) messing up the original.  Live and learn!

{Pen and Ink and Sharpie!}


Vincent said...

I think I agree with some of your reservations about the colorizing but that's only because I'm a big black and white whore most of the time.

On the plus side, the color gives this a classic comic book feel and makes the teeth pop really well. I also love seeing the pen strokes. Bold pen or brush strokes in any piece are a big plus in my book.

Zombie Ad said...

Agree re: the colour. It'll be cool to see it again once re-mastered in B&W

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Check back on Thursday. I've been playing in Photoshop. :-)

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