This gallery is the beginning of a larger collection of my darker written works.  I'll be updating this section regularly, filling out already posted works as well as new fiction as it is posted.  Check out some of my stories and let me know what you think.  Enjoy! 



A dreamer's visit to an alien landscape empowers the reality of waking life.

Strange remnants from an overnight storm disturb the light of day and reveal a growing menace.

A dreamer suffers an incredible transformation and receives a message from beyond time.

During a shamanic ritual of transformation, a man on a quest of self discovery encounters beings that exist beyond the veil of the mundane mind.

After a moment of separation, a woman's copacetic aspect intimates a dark revelation.

A man is emotionally scarred by the birth of a fiery horror and the destruction that follows it.

At an archaeology dig, a group of students unlock the fiery secret behind an ancient translation.

After the apocalyptic rising of the dead, urban areas become congested danger zones of infection.

A voracious shadow moves about a farmer's planted fields destroying or mutating everything in its path.

The Moonlight Calls It Forth
A narrator and his compatriot visit a moonlit graveyard where the dead do not rest.

The North Ridge Fence
A rancher unearths the reason for several missing horses in the north ridge pasture.

Priest of Vz

A narrator describes a dream encounter with an avatar of the great corruption, Vz.

Prizoner of Vz
In an excerpt from Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils, Cheyenne Svitlo relays a carnival hand's eyewitness account of the effects of this dreadful curse.

A Room at the Alta Viso
A transient man's overnight sleeping spot is invaded by a horror unearthed during the renovation of the historical Alta Viso business plaza.

http://zombiebites.blogspot.com/2014/01/featured-creature-room-under-bridge.htmlThe Room Under the Bridge
While cataloging an old public waterworks, a site inspector makes a disturbing discovery.

 The Shard

A young man and his friend run hard up against the limits of exploration when what they are exploring reveals its own agenda.

Slave of Vz

A 911 call transcript gives unsettling details from the Santee 57 Incident.

An excerpt from a police report involving eyewitness testimony of an encounter on a foggy stretch of highway.

In an ancient chamber, a narrator observes the occupant of a lunar throne and experiences the otherworldly consequences that follow.

In Colby county, the history of a local abandoned house reveals a growing darkness.

A seaman presents his tale of a violent encounter with an unearthly ocean beast.




The Chronicles of Vz 

Part I: Spawn of Vz 
An occult hunter discovers the secret nest of a gruesome evolving monstrosity. 
Part II: Eagle of Vz
Having just killed a demonic spawn, an occult hunter struggles to survive the vengeance of the spawn's brethren.   

The Disc of Abrasax

Part I:  The Night Thing 
A third shift convenience store clerk is dragged into a destructive altercation between two occult forces.  

Part II: The Dreams of Ricky Barrett
As he struggles to survive his present circumstances, Ricky Barrett dreams of the night his life descended into the unknown.    

In the small town of Rivercross, everyone is preparing for the annual Halloween parade.  As the sun sets, the streets will be filled with giggling costumed children on strange floats, luminary Jack O'lanterns, bouncing flashlights and the glowsticks of trick-or-treaters, bags heavy with candy treats, and gleeful screams of laughter.  The people of Rivercross will gather together in their garish costumes for an evening of merriment, but unseen, a dark force moves amongst them.  Beneath the skin of the town an incalculable will is waking a sleeping beast.

Once the parade begins, nothing in Rivercross will ever be the same.

On the eve of the Annual Rivercross Halloween parade, Jackie Kingsley discovers that her future has dramatically changed.

As her revelation upends Jackie's emotional foundation, a torrent of memories haunt her at the Mason Bridge.

Part III: Behind the Star
Behind the Star restaurant, Jackie waits with her friend Eric for her boyfriend Sam to return.
In the basement of the Mackey Building, Richmond Norris discovers that an old bricked over tunnel has been violently reopened. 

Maureen returns home after a long day of work and encounters a shadowy horror in her neighbor's backyard.

Part VI: Trixie's Walk
After a fight with her husband Eugene, Doris Hutchens takes her dog, Trixie, for a walk.  

In the Woodsboro subdivision, trick or treating and costume parties are disrupted as eerie green lights herald a terrifying and deadly turn to All Hallow’s Eve.  A mysterious force is bringing Halloween to life.  No one is unscathed by the horror that follows.

Part I: The Cauldron
A father and daughter accidentally unleash the secret power within an aged cauldron.

Part II: The Turnip Lanterns
An argumentative couple discover the consequences of the truth as the power of the cauldron expands.

Part III: Ghosts of the Tree 
The fireworks from the cauldron haunt a cowboy trick or treater and his mother on a darkened side street.

Part IV: The Pumpkin Bogey  
A mischievous young man prepares to play one last halloween prank on his sister, but the power of the cauldron intervenes.

Part V: The Bone Chimes
A brother and his two younger siblings join their neighbors for Halloween fun, but all are caught in the wake of horror as the influence of the cauldron continues to expand.

Part VI: The Scarecrow's Lantern
A firefighter barely survives the conflagration of the cauldron long enough to seek out its source.

Part VI: Scythe of the Reaper
The dark power within the cauldron reveals itself.

Part VII: The Tree of Death
A young girl and a firefighter struggle to survive as the Night of the Cauldron concludes.

The Rathbone Assignment

Part I: Erica's Test 
A young woman contemplates her future on her drive home, but an urgent phone call pushes her deep into the unknown. 
Part II: Instructions in the Dark
Under the security of darkness, Erica follows the instructions of Corporal Mark, clinging to her unraveling hopes.   

Part III: Derrick Comes Home
Erica's husband, Derrick, finally arrives home and Erica's future becomes clear.   

Reunion at the Merrimon Library

As a snowstorm begins, Alan Claremont runs into an old friend at the Merrimon Library.  Their quiet reunion is devastated as a unknown force makes its presence felt.  The ensuing chaos tests Alan to his limits.
During a winter storm, a reclusive researcher encounters an old friend at the Merrimon Library.

Part II: Timothy Wallace
After reminiscing, Alan shares a secret with Tim.

Part III: The Ritual
As the snowstorm worsens, reading from an old occult text has a powerful and disturbing effect upon Tim.
The library power cuts out and the effects of Tim's actions have devastating consequences in the darkness that follows.

http://zombiebites.blogspot.com/2014/02/featured-creature-reunion-at-merrimon_4.htmlPart V: Illumination
Alan struggles to quickly find solutions.

Alan fights to reach the circle before it is too late.

Alan takes desperate measures as his time runs out.

Part VIII: The Blue Chasm
Exhausted, Alan dreams.

Alan is visited by Deidre, but she brings a dire warning.







Scene at the Shores
A business man's disturbing encounter with a homeless man opens him to the perception of unknown realities and the entities that exist there.  
The Eilium
A man's complex sensual dream leads him to an understanding of the mystery and expansiveness of his personal reality.



Chaska of the Chaldean Abyss
Dr. Liam Hofstadter reports to the Department of Extranormal Phenomena on the powers and dangers of this particular kind of magickal apparatus. 

Doctor Theodore Mars
At the time of his incarceration, Doctor Mars was in the process of surgically reconstructing live human subjects into complex and unnatural forms. 

Eye of the Dead
A favored artifact of thieves and assassins, those exposed to it's light are drained of vitality and fall into a state of paralytic torpidity.

The Maltus Incident
Dr. Liam Hofstadter reports to the Department of Extranormal Phenomena with a transcript of the mysterious fate of the USS Peregrine and the crashed Maltus Satellite.

The Mask of Mephistopheles
The tragic and mysterious history of this accursed mask is recounted in an excerpt from Marge Hollander's The Digest of Demons and Devils.

Rotting Appleteeth
Legend has it that Rotting used to have a mouth full of bright white teeth, but they decayed and fell out because of his lust for eating sweets and drinking Nog all night.
The Staff of Phyligor
Dr. Liam Hofstadter reports to the Department of Extranormal Phenomena on the history and attributes of this arcane artifact. 

The Syl'udet
From The Digest of Demons and Devils, Marge Hollander reports of an invisible race of parasitic demons.

The Ushtohc
An invasive other dimensional intelligence seeks to invade the earthly plane.



Beware the Dread Wizards of Ith!

Gentleman Death
He comes for us all.

The Dirthag
Beneath the soil of the forest, she counts your footfalls.  

The Bogeyman
The Bogeyman is gonna getcha!


More to Come!

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