Shortly after beginning the Featured Creature as my weekly sketchbook, a friend, blogger, and fellow artist, Eddie Jones, suggested an addition to the Devil's Head.  I took the image into Photoshop and began playing with it by adding grey tones and visual effects.  What followed was a visual epiphany as the creature took a further step into reality.  With each creature drawing that followed I continued the same process.

Although the Featured Creature began with simple weekly sketches to help me keep my hand drawing abilities alive, I don't feel that I can call the work sketches any longer.  The Featured Creature has evolved dramatically since it began, expanding from a simple weekly creature sketch to greyscale toned finished inks then finally to color finished pieces with accompanying stories illuminating the growing worlds of my dark fictions.  Even now it is changing, growing, mutating.  It's moving towards some distant revelation and I am grateful for the opportunity to illuminate its evolution.  Thanks for joining me on this dark ride, I hope you enjoy the show.  Thank you for viewing!

(Freshly borne to Elder)


The Shard

There is an existing body of my work on Zombie Bites that is the predecessor to the Featured Creatures.  Prior to September 2012, these other dark images were illuminating the dark worlds that the Featured Creature now chronicles.  I am including this work here in the Featured Creature gallery to consolidate those previous posts and I hope give some sense of history from where my current work originated.  Enjoy.








Vincent said...

The transitions between the progressive images really works well. Really enhances the transformations. Almost brings them to life!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I do enjoy the animated quality it gives them. I'm discovering also that it is showing me which pieces turned out kind of flat, but that is useful too. :-) I'm sooo grateful I found the Javascript for this. I'm just excited that it works on my iPhone!

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