Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interior Life from the Archives: The Door

More dark feelings from the inside.  I can't remember the inspiration for this piece. hmmm...Perhaps too much D&D or Marvel Comics.  I really cannot remember.  Ah Age.

It reminds me somewhat of the theme of the mouth of hell in many medieval pieces, but without the demons pouring out...not yet.   Ah, the malice of the inanimate suddenly come to unfriendly life.  EEP!  Or perhaps how the gateway of initiation looks to the initiate.  So strange, because there is only light on the other side.  The darkness and bitey teeth are on this side of the door.  

Of course you never want something larger than you coming at you with its mouth open.  I think perhaps this is why babies cry when surrounded by large groups of adults smiling and opening and closing their mouths.  They think we're going to eat them.  That must be it.  It is the ghost of Jaws come back to haunt yet again.  Steven Spielberg and Peter Benchley - you have a lot to answer for!  Not really - Thanks for the Nightmares!  :-)

It all boils down to a fear of being eaten.  Of nature turning and losing one's place in the food chain to something greater or more powerful, of being eaten by the bigger beast.  It is what makes us fear the the Zombie, the predatory Vampire, the hive-minded Alien, and the savage Werewolf.  This is the face the prey animal fears.  Because if it is this large and this close, the face of the greater beast is the last thing you'll see.

{Pen & Ink}

UPDATE 070914:

This piece was Exhumed and reinvestigated with color in July 2014.  Check out the Exhumed image here.


Vincent said...

I think you were right about the D&D. I played my fair share of RPGs (especially GURPS) and both images in this series so far look very similar in style and content to what I saw in my gaming manuals. The Door, in particular, looks like something you'd see in GURPS Magic or GURPS Grimoire.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Well thank you! That makes me very excited, because that was the exact direction I was headed with most of these Interior Life pieces. Either game illustration or comic book concept development.

Wow, I haven't heard GURPS in a long while. :-) My life became very busy after 2000 and I moved away from gaming, but I spent a great deal of my leisure time in the 90's playing D&D and GURPS and some Vampire the Masquerade as well as a Live Action RPG called Dark Confrontation at local conventions.

LOL. No that I think about it, this is probably the first time in my life since my teens that I haven't been involved in Gaming somehow or another. I worked for a small gaming company from 2000-2006. :-) Don't if you've heard of them or no: 3AM Games, inc. I don't believe they are in business any longer, but I know their products are still floating around out there. I did some illustration, concept development, and graphic design for them.

The absence of Gaming form my life is kind of blowing my mind. I've played D&D since I was 12 and during the late 90's I was gaming all the time. I haven't gamed in probably 12 years at this point. Wow. Hmph. How the time slips away...

Vincent said...

I hear you about not gaming in a while. Time passes, friends drift away, life gets busy... The wife and I still get the urge to go back to it. We even started developing a way to use the old Games Workshop Dungeon Quest board game as a means to play GURPS. Our aim was to find a way for both of us to play and let the game system act as a GM of sorts. It's still in a state of development with mostly a few images and preliminary ideas. One of these days we'll get back to it LOL.

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