Thursday, July 07, 2011

From the Archives: Graveyard Study

This is a study I did for another piece I was working on.  Sadly the full piece was never finished.  There may still be hope for that one yet, so I won't give anymore details as I want it to be a bit of a surprise if I do pull it off.  Regardless though, I am a bit enamored of this quiet aged graveyard scene.

A brief and tiny hurrah - this is a new record for me:  This post makes 30 posts this year.  This is the greatest number of posts I've done in any given year since I started my blog.  I know it's not much, but I'm looking at it as the beginning of something good.  :-)  My goal is to post a minimum of two posts every week, more if I can manage it.  Time will tell.  I know this is a mediocre achievement, but this is the first year I've taken my blog and truly pushed it.  Thanks for reading so far.  I hope this has all been entertaining.

{Pen & Ink, Sharpie}


Zombie Ad said...

This a is a great piece in and of itself.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank You. Most of the reference for this piece came from a photo book on Prague. I believe this was an old Jewish graveyard. The original graveyard was in a cityscape with streets and people, but I removed those elements and added more graves in the background.

Most graveyards in my area tend to be evenly spaced and have those cheap metal plaques with the vases for flowers. There aren't that many older style graveyards in my area either, so when I saw this one with graves stacked practically on top of each other, I had to use it. :-)

Vincent said...

Hey, impressive use of Sharpie and congrats on your personal milestone with your blog! I like hearing about people achieving a personal goal or a personal best. While they may seem small to the casual observer I always feel they are quite significant to the person achieving it : )

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Vincent - Thanks! I just noticed that I was getting ready to pass the bar last week. I'm hoping by the end of the year I'll be blowing that totally out of the water! Fingers crossed! :-)