Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ah, the pride of ego. It can get us into many a tight spot. There may be more than ego involved here, but my first thought when I was finished was EGO. My original idea headed into it was Rage, but in the middle of that explosive flame, I found this little blue faced guy. A cool center to the radius of flame and destruction.

If I could have fire instead of hair I would. As long as I could turn it off and be invulnerable to its affects. LOL.  I'm sure I would have to buy shirts and hats more often, but you have to admit, it would look cool.  :-)  No such luck there.  Burned my finger yesterday with hot glue gun.  Now I have an ugly alien looking blister on my thumb.  Hooray...and ouch.

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Amidst the ego and rage I also see inspiration within the lightning plume erupting from top of his head. And the flames. Is he emerging from them or about to be consumed? Given the metallic look of his face, there is definitely some ambiguity as to whether the flames are a creative forge or simply a destructive fire. Great work!

Also, it seems finger injuries are the theme lately. I pinched one of my fingers with pliers the other day. Wasn't too bad but I did have to clean the pliers afterwards : P

Jesse W. Campbell said...

This piece revolves around a lot of the disenchantment I have with my life at the moment. I think maybe the creation and destruction are all happening simultaneously. I've watched as so many elements of my life have been consumed by the crazy energy of this year. Everything I've depended on in my life is just gone.

Of course as we've discussed before, my art tends to be my therapy. With all that destruction, I've had no recourse to save my sanity other than making art like a madman because my sanity may very well literally depend on it. We'll see how that goes. Lately I've been discovering the limits of my "therapy". My cup runneth over as it were. There is just more happening than I can deal with.

I'm kind of amazed at the moment though. My body has reabsorbed the blister. I figured I was going to be the home of nice sexy new scar, but there is just a small brown spot where the blister deflated. That thing was about an inch and quarter long too. Neat. I didn't even do anything like aloe or cold water or anything. It just healed...and quickly. Bodies are weird.

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