Thursday, October 27, 2011

From the Sketchbook Archives: Night Thing

Silently, across the sea of night,
a sound like wind in the leaves.
I hold my breath and stand stock still
until it passes.
The chill of its presence
makes my breath a faint cloud.
I rush to the safety and warmth of interior light
and check all the bolts on my locks.
Outside, the tree limbs creak
at the touch of the wind.
"Perhaps," I think,
and light a candle for protection.

Recommended Listening:
Night Alone

{Sharpie, tones added in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Great things come from Sharpies, don't they? I bet this guy would look great in a brush and black ink version too. Can you tell I have painting on the brain? : )

iZombie said...

brilliant work!

Jeremy [iZombie]

Visit the madness:

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank you good sirs! Love me some Sharpies like always! I haven't done any Sharpie work in awhile due to time constraints...that certainly needs to be remedied, eh!?

...and Vincent - Yes I can see that paint on your brain. :-P I've actually had a couple of brief moments this past month to visit the OPG. I hate that I didn't actually get to participate per se. :-( But I have seen much of your juicy fuzzitonian goodness! I promise comments as I get more settled in my new place!

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