Thursday, October 06, 2011

It Lives in Flames

This makes me think of the giant pig at the end of Clive Barker's Pig Blood Blues.  Or perhaps the pig version of the Red Bull from The Last Unicorn.  There is a bit more than pig in there though - maybe some horse.  Perhaps we're just seeing pig from multiple points in time.  Schrodinger's Pig?  Regardless, I don't want to be trapped in any kind of enclosed space with it.  eep.  I'm afraid there would be some hard feelings for all that bacon I ate.

I apologize for all the comedy with such a fierce image, it's just that the clouds have parted here and I'm seeing the first sunlight I have in days and it is making me a little giddy.  :-P  I usually hate super sunny days, but we have had nothing but cloud cover for over a week.  :-(  So - Hooray Sunlight!

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

I think you've also gotta little Lord of the Forest in here too.

Hey, how's the relocation coming along? You were planning on moving this month, right?

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Sorry for the lack of replies lately, but I have been non stop moving boxes for the past two weeks.

Yes on the Lord of the Forest. They were both created from the same source material.

Relocation is nigh complete. This weekend was Furniture Fiesta. I am dog tired from it. Luckily I had some big burly friends to assist me. :-) I am in my new location and hopefully will be hitting a groove soon now that I have 24/7 internet at my finger tips. Wahoo!

Vincent said...

Glad to hear you had plenty of help with the move. Take your time and get plenty of rest. I remember the last time I moved myself, it completely wiped out all of my reserve energy.

Also, "Furniture Fiesta" was hysterical! You have a way with words my friend : )

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I thought I was done with my move and then the bottom kind of dropped out of things. I spent the last half of October and the first part of this month driving back and forth between locations to finish things up. I am well and truly exhausted at this point. Tired, tired, tired! zzzzzzZZZZzzzzz.... I have also lost all my illusions about any personal cleanliness I ever had in my house. DIRT HIDES! AAAUUHH!

The future looks brighter at this point though. I'm spending the rest of this week replenishing my reserves...and maybe a few minutes staring into space. Okay, okay, maybe a few hours. :-P

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