Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From the Sketchbook Archives: In the Darkness

This is me pushing Sharpies again.  Sadly in the middle of this piece my Teal Sharpie ran out. I had to mix it with yellow and light green.

This one had to be tweaked a bit to get it to show correctly.  I don’t have access to a scanner right now, but I do have a digital camera.  I discovered that the flash reflects quite nicely off of heavy sharpie works.  UGH.  This piece and several others had to be worked over in Photoshop to get them even close to the originals.  When I have access to a scanner again, I will properly re-scan these.


UPDATE:  Fresh scan from my new scanner as of 01.28.12.  No glare in the fresh one and no needful Photoshop retouch.  The actual color of the physical piece is somewhere between these two.


Vincent said...

Love the new header. Is that a retouch of General Marrow?

I also think I'm seeing a theme forming with another creepy dancing hand in the darkness : )

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks! The retouch was actually from The Fear but those two were created from the same source material so I guess- Yes? :-P

Yes on the more creeping dancing hands in the darkness. I think it might be a comment on the hands of an artist and what they do when no one is watching.

Vincent said...

Wow, zooming in on The Fear really transforms it completely into more of a predatory stare than a vulnerable panicked look.

Good call on the hands of an artist. Our hands do sometimes get us into a pickle when left unsupervised.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

The pouty frown in The Fear really changes those eyes. I also tweaked the contrast a little because I thought it was a bit dark for the header. I think that may have brought out the anger in the eyes a bit. oops.

I'm not completely sold on it yet as a header. It kind of freaked me out when I first posted it (see - predatory stare). I don't want to scare away the few readers I do have. LOL. I may try again with more of the image included. I dunno, I'm kind of indecisive man today, maybe.

Hands and their naughtiness - have you read The Body Politic by Clive Barker from his Books of Blood? Spoiler Alert on the link if you have not read it.

Vincent said...

Personally, I think the intensity and vividness of the header image is quite appropriate for this blog. It not only accurately hints at the subject matter of what you've described this blog to be about but it also eludes to the more adult subject matter that you've recently decided to trend towards.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

True. This is the place for the monsters to run free. That was kind of the whole point, especially after taking the adult gloves off. Okay, okay. Scary eyeballs it is!

:-) Thanks for calling me on that one.

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