Friday, December 23, 2011

Sketch: Father Christmas

This is the original sketch for the Seasons Greetings piece I just posted. I may still do another piece that is closer to this one. I like the lantern and the fact that he is dragging the bag.  If I do this one, I may eliminate the violent bits and just make him ominous.  Truly anyone who can tell if you've been bad or good and see when you're asleep or awake has got to be a little creepy in person.  I'm just sayin'.

Recommended Listening:
Pain is Better
The Ominous Silence

{Created in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Agreed. I've always thought those particular qualities of Santa always made him sound more like a menacing specter of judgement and punishment rather than the bringer of joy and rewarding gifts. Really, that whole song is just one big implication of "You better behave yourself or Santa's gonna kick your little ass up one side and down the other."

Jesse W. Campbell said...

For me, it is a flashback to that discovery of the scary elements in the Grimm's fairy tales like where the three sisters in Cinderella are cutting off bits of their feet to fit in the glass slipper. I've always been more interested in the origins of stories and myths rather the white washed stuff we're fed by Disney and such.

An interesting take on that in a less violent and more sexual train of thought is Alan Moore's Lost Girls. Be forwarned: it is pornographic in nature, but perhaps some of the most tastefully done pornography I've ever read. I do recommend it if you enjoy that sort of thing...and can afford it. It is a GIANT of a book!

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