Wednesday, January 04, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: Taurian

Another Sketchbook Portrait. Once again, sorry on the crappy reproduction.  Some strange half-bullheaded creature.  SMUG, but man I love that orange.  I have to admit that the orange is different kind of marker from the Sharpie.  It is a Zig double ended marker, Clean Color.  It is the most beautiful orange in a marker I have ever found.

Orange in markers usually ends up dull and listless or as a lighter clone of red, but the ZIG orange slides on smooth and covers evenly the FIRST time and is bright and full!  It also solid and thick, almost like paint, but it is not a paint marker.  The orange is great, but I still love Sharpie for all my other colors.  :-)  Vive Le Sharpie, but Hurray for Orange ZIG!

{Sharpie and ZIG}


I find it interesting that in the first reproduction, the ZIG marker seems unaffected by the flash glare, but the Sharpie is blurred and desaturated.  Regardless, a much better reproduction here.  The lines are crisp and the color is accurate.  Once again - Hooray for scanner!

While examining this piece, I think I just found a name for my scanner: Bifrost, the Norse rainbow bridge.


Vincent said...

Personally, I think the reproduction on this turned out great. Almost looks scanned. And, yes, that orange is amazing! Adds a lot of energy to this.

As for content, I think he looks annoyed at someone or something and is keeping an eye on the source of his irritation. LOL, I guess that's to be expected from me considering the recent events in my life lately :P

Jesse W. Campbell said...

He is giving the "I got my eye on you" glance/glare. LOL. I do love that orange. Its like pumpkin in a pen. swoon... I promise it really is THAT orange.

May your recent events turn into misty distant memories. :-) HUGGS

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