Sunday, January 01, 2012

Io Pan!

I spent a good bit of time trying to truncate this image once it reached this state, but I finally chose to accept it as it is.  There are so many elements that are important to the meaning of this piece and every time I tried to crop it or manipulate it further, something important disappeared.

Here is Crowley's Hymn to Pan.  An interesting symbol to start the new year off with. Also, there are some elements hiding in this piece that remind me of some of the strange artwork associated with Alchemy.

Recommended Listening:
Access to Arasaka
from Oppidan

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}

UPDATE 011515:

This piece is now available as a tshirt or other paraphernalia at my Neatoshop.  Drop by and check it out!


Vincent said...

Much like most of us sensitive artist types tend to be, this guy looks like a fully grown adult yet seems to be very child-like and still maturing and coalescing in a lot of ways.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I've kind of always imagined Pan as having adult knowledge but with the chaotic nature of a child. Kind of that feeling you get when you look into the eyes of a truly wild animal.

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