Saturday, January 21, 2012

SHARE THIS VIDEO: Why the MEGAUPLOAD seizure is dangerous for EVERYONE!

Please watch this video and take some time to think about the dangers of this government corporate tyranny.  Please note they took this action without SOPA or PIPA.  The fight for our rights has truly begun.  Arm yourself with Information!


PLEASE Sign the Richard O'Dwyer Petition HERE;

See More Evidence of how CNET / CBS caused the Phenomenon of Piracy with the Help of So-Branded Partners such as AOL and the MSN Network

Jammie Rasset Thomas Story on Wikipedia

Richard O'Dwyer Story, Extradition Pact Being MisUsed

For Profit Prisons

New York Times, US Prison Popular Dwarfs the rest of the World's

Article: For Profit Prisons a GREAT Business Opportunity

86 % of US Prison Population is Victimless Crimes

Megauploads Story od Raid and Arrests

130,000 Downloaders Sued for Downloading Just One Movie

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sue Dead Person

Ars Technica Report that 2011 Judge Rules that MASS Lawsuits are Legal and Can Proceed

Article that Downloading can Destroy Your Career Including a Report of NEW Mass Copyright Infringement Filing against Users

Thousands More Bittorrent Users to be sued article

Mass Lawsuits start against Porn Downloaders in 2011

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