Friday, April 20, 2012

Hell, Another Entrance

There are many roads into the many as there are names for it.  Hell, Hades, Underworld, Mictlan, Annwn, Niflheim, and on.  Sometimes, like it or not, you have to walk into it, because it is the only road before you.  All other avenues of escape have been removed and only darkness waits.  Pulsing darkness and pain that calls like an old addiction.  It wants you to believe that it is all there is.  The light was only a trick of your mind and only madness and blood are the truth.

I cannot remember where, but one of the wisest things I've read recently was, "If you're in Hell, keeping walking..."  This falling under the auspices of all things eventually change.  So from that point of view, Hell is just a passage, a rough section of road on the highway and the only way is through it.

So I keep walking.

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